Sunday, September 14, 2008

Starting Project 3

Finished our second project, we were given a brief about the third project. In this project, at last it involving buildings. We need to choose a building either it has a historical value or architecture features. All of us finished most of our time, 'digging' the library to find a buiding that we like. Most important, the building that we want to draw must have an elevation, section and it's floor plan. These make us more difficult to find the book that include all that criteria. From the briefing's time my mind always think about a building that I've been admired for a long time; ALHAMBRA. Therefore, reached at the library, I'm focusing to find books about Alhambra.

I borrowed about 7 books that contain the building's information. But, there're too little information in those books. When there're some students start to draw, I'm still searching for the section and elevation of the building. I entered OPAC many times just to find a book specifically for Alhambra. I almost give up on the building. But I try and try until I find the book. I feel so grateful when I found that book. I feel so tired for the whole week just to find a book.(+ tgh pose plak tuh....)

Second process.... composition. We need to make 3 different compositions of our buiding on A2 size butterpaper. The lecturers dissaproved my compositions because I've included 3D view of the building. So, they help me with my composition. I redo my composition and traced it on A2 watercolour paper.(Sebab ingat nk wat gune last2 dr warning; kalo guna watercolour dpt gred xlebih dr C...means susahla nk lulus)

Then, I sacrificed my parents' weekend (rs bersalah gler) just to buy RM3.20/pc pencil colour in Taman Melawati. Since the project must be in monochromatic mode, so I've chose brown as the major colour. Start to colour...and Alhamdulillah, Dr approved it and ask me to continue. And now, in this Eid's holiday, I need to finished 1/2 of my project that must be submitted on 8th Oct 2008.


Sheezazrin said...

wah..thats a lot of progress dah tu! haaaa..... jangan dok tengok movie jerr...siapkan cepat!!!!