Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finished our Semester 2

Semester 02...was harder then the 1st semester. More technical drawings and works to do which I never did and learned during my highschool. So, the difficulty to complete the assignments became very hard for me compared to my studiomates who had learned technical or engineering drawings while in highschool. This semester also, I almost failed my core subject since I didn't attend the meeting on the submission date. But, Insyaallah, with Allah's helps, I'll passed the subject.

Things that happened through the semester:

* Visits to Malacca - our 2nd sem's field trip also in Malacca which made almost all of Khazanah's members disagreed with it because we're given briefs about having a trip to Penang. Then, suddenly.... the Penang trip was switched to a Malacca trip. Anyway, this trip was really enjoyable because last sem I didn't get to explore Malacca Town fully.

*Archifest 09 Plus minus - This sem festival, our studio were really into it. We worked very hard to participate in it. We prepared for our performance till morning for 2 days. (sampai pencil box hilang....xtaula sapa yg amik) Making the best movie ever,"Jangan Pandang Mane2".(Thx to our director, Huari Yahya) And, we got 2 awards which were Best Movie award and Best Studio award. (Alhamdullillah, kalo xdpt pape mmgla merana satu studio, gile xtdo siapkan props)

*BEL - presentation skills....a subject that I dislike since my highschool (walaupun xde specific subjek cmni). First presentation.....bad. During the presentation, I became so nervous till my voice didn't come out from my mouth. Second presentation....bad luck. I was presenting in front of ID students since I didn't submit my p.o on the dateline(yela, dh asyik sakit mcm2 je...cmne xponteng kls)...and, for the second presentation, I didn't sleep from thursday evening till friday evening to prepare and practice the speech. I felt like a walking zombie that day since I didn't have a sleep and have appetite to eat until the presentation finished.

That're the things that happened(which I remembered) through this sem. And again, congratulations to all of my studiomates who got high marks for their marvellous works. Together we work harder next sems,to be what we want to be.