Sunday, September 28, 2008

Iftar Jamaie' G13th

At last...I finally can meet all of my school's friends that I have long missed them. I was so excited to meet and see how their life have turned into. All of them are such a bright students. That evening,we're told to register at surau. It's my first time to see and enter the surau after I left my beloved school. After praying Asr, we have an activity which we need to talk about ourself and our achievements after school. It was so interesting to get know where and what are your friends doing now. And I was so admired of them. This activity end before Maghrib.

When it's time to iftar, we all assemble at Dewan Serbaguna. And after eating, we have our Maghrib's pray, Isyak's pray and Tarawih at surau. Actually, that evening I just know that there'll be a Qiyam. But due to the late information, I can't attend it. After finished Tarawih, I make my way to home.

It was such an unforgettable memory. I was so happy to see them and make me eager to see them again.