Friday, August 22, 2008

Project 2 - Psycho Self Portrait

Our second project is psycho self portrait. We're given 3 weeks to finish it. The 1st week, we required to make a study about contemporary artists. Each of us need to choose an artist as our reference. After surfing many websites, I had decided on Cristopher Nolasco. I really like his style of drawings. They were so beautiful.

After choosing an artist, we needed to list all of our characteristics. The more unique the better. Finished listing, we had to present it to Prof. Then, Prof will choose about three characteristics for us to make a sketches on A3 paper. Miss Linda chose cool, naive and double personality as it fit my characteristics.

All completed sketches have to be presented again to the lecturers. After they gave green light, we could start to make colour studies on the sketches. First try on A4 paper, the lecturer didn't approve it. She said I need to change the colour and the drawing. So, I changed it and this time I draw it on A2 drawing paper. But, again the lecturer doesn't approved. She said that I don't follow my artist's style. So, I need to change it again....completely. So, I REDO it again. Alhamdulillah, after my big effort I achieved to get a good result.(doesn't matter if it's not the best). Here are some portraits that managed to get A+.







Monday, August 18, 2008

Submitting Project 1

On 18th of July 2008, I had submitted my 1st project in Architecturel Communication to my lecturer. And, Alhamdulillah I got a good grade(after spending the whole night with drawing, slept from 6.30am to 7.45am) and had to touch up the drawing to reach A+. All projects' marks will be carry on as our final mark because this subject really look forward to the projects' mark not to the theory tests. I had been given 2 weeks to finished the project(precisely 10 days). The title of my first project is Visualization of Objects.

On the first day of the first week, I had to choose an organic object and a inorganic object that I want to draw. The size of both objects must be the same or nicely combined with each other. I had chose a cutter and a capsicum as my drawing's objects. On the second day of the week, the whole class needed to present what we want to draw to the lecturer and each of us cannot draw the same object. Unluckily, I can't draw both objects because one of my classmate had chose those objects(his turn to present was earlier than me).So, I presented to class that I wanted to draw a torchlight and don't know. So,the lecturer asked me to draw an orchid. I just agreed at that time. When the class finished, I realized that I really don't want to draw an orchid. So,I decided to choose the organic object when I came home. Since I went home for weekend, I went to a supermarket with my mother. While watching the vegetables section, I interested in yam and gourd bitter. So, I bought both. I said to mother that I will choose which one I want to draw at college. And, I decided to draw the yam.

The 2nd week,(after borrowing my father's digital camera) I analysed about the views and elevations of both objects,the shadows and lighting. I drew the yam as a practices. On the first day of the week with the lecturer, she wanted to see our compositions of our objects. So, I made some compositionsnand showed it to her. She said it'll be better if we composed the objects next to each others. After I knew how I want to compose the objects, I started to draw the objects. The next meeting with the lecturer, I showed it as a final draft to her and she said my renderings was too bold and didn't blend so well(At first I didn't understand what is blend anyway but thanks to Wawa for explaining about the blend) and the size seem confusing. So she asked me to change half of my drawings to it actual size. The night before the submission date, I worked very hard to change my drawings. I started to draw at 8.30pm and finished at 6.30am. After prayed Subuh, I took a nap for an hour before going to class. I'm very grateful for the gradeof the project and the lecturer said I could get A+ if I do some adjustments.

The submitted one.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Archikite 2008

Date: 2 & 3 August 2008
Venue: Bagan Lalang,Sepang
Theme: Lakar Langit

On 2nd August 2008, at 7.00am, we waited at FSPU bus stop waiting for the bus. We departed from there about 9.00am(which actually must departed at 8.00am). About 11.00am, we arrived at Bagan Lalang(specifically at our resort, but i didn't remember the name) We walked straightly to the hall because there're 2 Modul that we must attend there(which should be started at 9.00am) Therefore, our moduls had been shortened. Fisrt modul is about us make a company and a product that we want to distribute it internationally. And we were grouped into 10 per group. The 1st modul started at 11.30am until 1.30pm. We had a short break and continued the 1st modul until 2.30pm. The 2nd modul required us to make a sculpture per group based on the title; 'Mesra Insan, Ilmu dan Alam'. The presentor gave us 20 minutes to make our sculptures and coame back to the hall to present and explain our sculpture. The modul finished at 6.00pm. All the girls will sleep in the dorm of 22. While the boys had to sleep in tents outside the dorm.

The Arrival.

Discussion - Modul 1

A group want to produce Sabun Petai.

Making a sculpture - Modul 2

At night, all boys had to pray Maghrib at the surau and have some tazkirah until Isyak. Because the size of the surau is small, so all the girls prayed in the dorm. And, the girls required to help the organizer to grill chickens for barbeque at the beach while the boys listened to tazkirah. While grilling the chickens, we had Wayang-wayang which there're a movie being shown on a screen projector at the beach. The movie we chose was Kung Fu Panda. It was so fun eating while watching movie. Unfortunately, the movie stucked at the climax, so the crew changed it to Ah Long Pte Ltd. movie. I watched the movie quarter of it since it was so late, so my friend, Wawa and I decided to return to the dorm first since we're being driven by a senior since Wawa's foot was injured while playing volleyball. We reached the dorm at 11.30pm. We slept at 12 o'clock. Others reached the dorm at 1.30am.

Grilling the chickens.

Watching movie.

On 3rd of August is the day. The official day of Architectural Kite 2008. There're an opening ceremony by the Dean and the competitions began. There're so many competitions such as Run Upih Run, Flying the 3D Kite,Creating the Kites(the kite that we created 2weeks before the day), Sand Art(Sand Castle Competition) and Tradisional Games(Congkak, Batu Seremban and Dam). There're categorizes in the Kites and Sand Competition. The Kites Competition,the prize will be given to The Most Stable Flying, The Highest Flying, The Most Bizarre Kite, The Biggest Kite,and The Best Kite(appearance). While the Sand Competition, the prize had been categorized to; The Highest Sand Sculpture, The Best Sand Sculpture, The Best Master Plan, The Best Design Sculpture(the winner chose Islamic Architecture's design) The competitions lasted for the whole day. The event was closed by a prize giving ceremony. It was ended at 5.00pm. We departed from Bagan Lalang at 6.00 pmand arrived at UiTM at 10.30pm due to some problems.

The Opening Ceremony.

The Setting.

Finalizing our kite.

The Best Master Plan.

The Best Design

The Best Sand Scuplture.

Run Upih Run.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Architectural Festival 2008

Date: 16th and 19th July 2008
Venue: Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying

16th July 2008- Perasmian and Malam Muzika
At 9.00am, Majlis Perasmian was hel. We, Part 01 students required to play Apo Kalips and Lagu Senibina using angklung as we are a part of Mestika.
At night, there are Music Video Competition. Every studio must direct a video clip according the genre song that has been given. An our studio a.k.a Khazanah get a romance genre. After having a discussion, we picked I'll Never Break Your Heart by BSB as our song. Not all of us involved in the videos. Only the 'nominated' artists(chewah) have been chosen to act in the video. The actors an the actresses are Edy,Lan, Afiq, Bert, Ewan, Nad, Ajie, Yan, Fifi, and Nik.

19th July 2008 - Archiday
There're so many competitions held. Banner making, Sculpture Competition, Quick Art, Pictionary, Human Sculpture Competition and many more. There're also jualan makanan and BBQ. Every studio must bakar the chickens tu sendiri. Then, baru nikmat masa makan tuh...hehehe. And then, there are Archinite. All studios require to make a perfomance. The representatives of Khazanah perform a sing (lagu with you, sway and xigtla lagi satu). The ending, there're the giving gift ceremony....our studio win The Best Cover Album for Malam Muzika competition. As the ending we, again required to perform angklung again (Pudar and Menjaga Hati) Then, we kene simbah dengan air ape ntah. And kemas our studio yang digunakan untuk buat Rumah Hantu.... Fin


Our Music Video:

Lagu Senibina:


Menjaga Hati:

Ktorang kene simbah: